Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Cycling from Huddersfield to Gibraltar Day 10.

This particular morning I'm in need of a shave, I go down to reception and ask to buy a razor, the lady on reception lets me have one for free (Great!) I'm headed back up to my room for a shave. I have a ritual each morning to put on my Live strong wristband and my wedding ring. I had already done this before I decided to have a shave, so when I came back to room to have a shave, I removed my wedding ring, due to the soap getting underneath and irritating the skin. Had a shave I felt much better now, but now I'm a little later setting off than usual.

Its rush - rush - rush now to get myself checked out and get on my bike to the next stop.. looking at the map Almazan looks a fair distance. I'm heading out of Pamplona its a cloudy start to the day and a little chilly! Its not too long until I see a Aldi just on the way out of town, I stop there to build up some supplies and top up water and Red bull.

I'm taking the road N121 out of Pamplona, I have heard about the Ash cloud back home that is causing chaos! I'm cycling down the road and pass the Airport, there are Planes busy coming and going at this Airport.. The road is downhill for most of the morning, which makes me a bit uneasy about whats ahead (Is there a big climb coming) but no... it seems to be quite good today the roads are quite flattish! I'm doing well its quite a straight forward route today, in the afternoon I'm onto the N113 (I'm into Rioja country now) nice Red Wine if I recall..

Mid afternoon and I'm hitting some very high mountains again (Thought the Pyrenees had been left behind) The villages are spread apart on these roads, I'm onto another type road now the CL101 Along this road I can look behind me or in some places to my right and see the Pyrenees in the distance (Wow, I have come quite a way today from those Mountains) But there is a Mountain range in my front view too and to my left side (They have patchy Snow on their tops too)

The CL101 is generally a flat road for some distance, mid afternoon and Its starting to spit.. (Its Spitting , its Spitting" I'm saying to myself :-) I see a Truckstop to my right, I cycle on in there, go inside for a coffee, cake and another 2 coffee's until it stops raining.. It seem like ages to Almazan. But around 7pm to 8pm I'm in the town looking on my phone for a place to stay. I find one just at the opposite side of town. I make my way in and ask for a room, there is a barman passing reception who likes Cycling and speaks good English, he assists me in booking in as the girl on reception does not speak English. I'm in! Bike in a room behind reception, and I'm headed off up to my room. I have a shower /change (Usual routine by now) and its back down to the bar/restaurant for some food. Things are going great until !!! Power cut. Damn I'm hungry.. its about and hour before its back on (Hooray!) Its back to order my food.

Just going back to the start of the day (My Shave)... Well, while I was having a shower at the current Hotel, I notice my wedding ring is not here ? Damn. (Well I said shite actually!) Where's my ring gone ? I knew where it was, it was at the last hotel in Pamplona! I had to ring that hotel so they can check my room to see it, after speaking to them they say ring back in the morning when the Cleaners are in (They will let me know if they found it) OK I say, I will ring back in the morning.... (It should be there. Shouldn't it ? - No probs).

Total miles = 124 miles.

Average Speed = 13.8 mph.


  1. Heya im really loving reading this blog keep it up! Hope you manaaged to get your ring back too!

  2. Thank you. I've just come back on my site to update my latest cycle from Huddersfield to Istanbul. I didn't get my ring back on the Gibraltar cycle but did get another one bought from Mrs F so all ok :-) Thanks.