Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Cycling from Huddersfield to Gibraltar Day 6.

I'm well rested in the posh hotel I stayed at last night. I was looking out of my room window at the sun rising in the east this morning (Very nice view). Its onto the daily routine of loading up the bike, stocking up with water,red bull and food before the off..

Coming out of the centre was tricky and ended up nearly on another Motorway :-) I had to track back into the centre and make my way out of the centre on another road. All done and I'm on the correct road now. Very nice roads again, and great sunny morning although a little chilly to start off. I have noticed that the climate has now changed and is more drier than the moistness of Northern France, I can tell I'm heading further south.

I'm on my way to Parthenay, and its more or less an easy ride, flat with odd bits of hills but nothing major in the way, also there are lots of vineyards appearing now. I'm entering the outskirts of Parthenay along the D938, I stop on a bridge before hitting the main centre to apply some sun cream (Factor 25) Good stuff !

I'm in the centre now and cycling around checking the place out, I stop outside a cafe bar. From the outside this place looks very quiet! I go inside the door to order a coffee and WOW!! Lots of people in here having lunch... I would have never thought so many people could fit inside such a small cafe (It was heaving) I asked the lady in charge "Cafe au Lait" and she brings me my coffee outside where I sit in the sun with my bike propped up against the nearby kerb. I'm just relaxing in the sun thinking of my journey so far, and decide to update my followers by taking a snap and uploading it while I'm chilling out.

After a short while cycling the last parts of Pathenay, I'm on the road out of town heading towards Niort on the D743, It's a relatively easy cycle to Niort, once there it is quite a large place, plenty of shops and building to take time out to look at and to take plenty of pics (Great place) Once I had done a little tour of the place I was looking to eat (I'm very peckish by now its around 3pm) I stop in a little street in the centre at a cafe, several people are sat outside in the warm sunshine eating and drinking (Chilling out) It's very nice here. The waiter comes out and asks me what I would like (In French)! I try to chat but he is not understanding, I ask for Pasta, he say's something but I just agree and say Wee!

I'm wondering what is on its way for me to eat :-) In between he brings me a Coke um mm goes down a treat, I ask for another.. Meanwhile he brings out a toastie Sandwich Ham and Cheese.. Result!! I'm happy with that, that goes down nicely too :-) After a good 45mins chilling, I'm off outbound of the town or city of Niort.

Next stop is Saintes, I'm heading along the D650 and D150, via Loulay and Saint Jean d angely. Arriving in Saintes was similar to Saumur (Cycling over a bridge with great river flowing through the place, and a nice sunset once again) Once over the bridge I see a sign for Hotel on the left, I have to cycle down a cobbled patch to arrive at my hotel for the night, on the way towards reception I see a little old fashioned bike parked up in a little cove.. (Nice touch). I book in with no problems, once in its Shower charge all my phones cameras etc ready for the morning.

After shower I'm off out into town to check out what I can have for tea! Your right It's Curry time again :-) after a great curry again and a few beers its back to hotel and off to bed.. Great night.

Total miles = 122 miles.
Average speed = 14.0 mph.

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