Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Cycling from Huddersfield to Gibraltar Day 8.

Well that was one hell of a night, plenty of noises and also forgot my sleep mat so quite damp under the body too. There were that many noises last night I didn't get one wink of sleep especially the Wild Boar/Wolf noises - Couldn't tell if they were getting closer or staying the same distance :-)

Well that's it, I'm up with the sun, packed all the kit back in the bags and its off I go, heading towards the signs for Mont de Marsan. Hopefully I wanted to get to the border of Spain at the end of the day today.

The road out to Mont de Marsan is just a small road through the national park, not long after I set off I'm passing through a place called - Sore! Not really applying to me in that way, although my left wrist is causing me some grief, to change gear now I have to use my right hand to reach over and change gears now, there is just no strength in my left hand, good job I'm right handed anyway!!

After passing through Sore, I come to another little village with a shop that's open, I'm in there Baguette, Chocky, Cookies, Red Bull, Water the full works because I'm very hungry and need some supplies. Right I'm ready for the off, the roads are still very flat and smooth and the weather is sunny (I have been very lucky with the weather).

I'm en route to next town Mont de Marsan I'm following the D933, by around early afternoon I pass through Mont de Marsan, still following the D933.

After cycling for a few hours more, I now reach the town of Orthez nice place! I cycle around the town and see a bike shop, I need some spare inner tubes as I'm getting low. I buy 2 packs (About 12 euros) The lady in the shop asks me where I'm going, shes amazed when I tell her where :-)

After Orthez I appeared to be taking the same road, although after a lot of nice buildings and open fields, I do eventually find out I'm heading West and not South ? How did this happen? Probably due to no sleep last night :-) I eventually turn around and head back to where I probably went wrong.. until I must go past the turning I should have taken AGAIN! Blimey, whats wrong with me !! I keep seeing the Mountains (Pyrenees on my left side, then heading back on myself I see the Mountains on my right side, but I still don't seem to be going South !!

After sitting down, taking stock of the situation, having a bite to eat and a load of Red Bull I take a look at my phone map application again, and this time I have cracked it I find the road I should be on (Hooray!) I'm back on track and heading the right way - Eventually after a detour of around 30miles. Well by the time I'm now heading for Pyrenees its starting to get a little dark, I have around 1 hour before sunset. I pedal faster and faster to try and get as close to the border as possible, its not going to happen as planned but I will get as far as I can.

I eventually pull up at a little hotel/bar in a tiny village around 20 or 30miles to the Spanish border. I walk inside and ask for a room, the landlady and 3 guys around the bar do not understand me, and I don't understand them... After a few hand signals I get a key put in front of me (Number 9) Bingo! I have a room tonight, at least I will get a decent nights sleep tonight, and charge all my phone/camera etc.. I try to ask if there is some food available but its no use she does not understand what I'm trying to say, so its up to my room with my panniers, I did have some Chocolate and Cookies and Water so that will do for me tonight.

I look out of my room window, and the Mountains are really not too far away now! Pity I could not have made the border today, but I guess these things happen where you can get lost I suppose. My bike is in the hotels garage so should be safe for the night.

Total miles = 125 miles.

Average speed = 13.1 mph

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