Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Cycling from Huddersfield to Gibraltar Day 5.

Great nights sleep and nice breakfast in Gace. Settled my bill and its down to the garage/cellar to get my bike, bring it around the front of the Hotel then pack the bike up for the day ahead. One thing about the mornings, they were quite chilly until around 11am.

I'm off cycling en route towards Alencon the place where I thought I would finish last night. Didn't really know where I would end up today but Saumur would be nice. After the first few hours I'm arriving in Alencon (And - there's a McDs :-)) time for a coffee and download some pics from the previous days for my friends and family to keep them up to date. The McDs are very quiet so straight to the front to order a Coffee, with a pic of it on today's Blog :-)

Nice to be back on the road again, and its on the way to Le Man, the roads are fantastic in France very smooth and flat! And with an added bonus of a current tail wind ! Hope it lasts all the way :-) on route to Le Mans I pass through a town called Beaumont (Sent tweet to Mark Beaumont)

Le Mans is very nice, I have a few hours here just cycling around the centre, to the bank to top up my funds too, also its just after 12pm and I'm a little hungry I see a pasta type takeaway.. Once inside you have a meal deal a box of pasta, a coffee and a sweet! Brilliant the girl behind the counter who was taking my order pointed out 3 size box's, which size did I want ? Easy its the largest lol that Pasta in sauce was Fantastic :-) and... my energy levels that afternoon were WOW!! better than Red Bull, although I was downing around 6 cans a day of that fuel.. also another thing mentioning is the French Mars bars oh la la :-) Brilliant taste....

Coming out of Le Mans was quite easy, I was straight onto the correct road D307 and onto the D767 via Jumelles relatively easy cycling all afternoon, by the time I was getting close to Saumur the sun was starting to go down soon, not long after that I'm pulling up on this bridge with a wide river flowing and the sun setting in the distance (Absolutely Fantastic view and very rewarding sight) I stopped to take some more pics and uploaded to FB and Twitter. Just before the sun set I looked around for a place to stay, there was a great castle on the top of a hill and just below that was a really nice Hotel, I was in there asking for a room - No problem I'm in and the receptionist spoke perfect English... jobs a gud un! Bike sorted, I'm bathed and changed, I'm back down to reception "Is there anywhere to eat" I ask? The receptionist say "What food do you like" I say "Curry" funnily enough there is one and its only a short walk away! I'm off there..

I was in the Indian and it was very nice, only thing was No wifi !! :-( so no uploads! I try to ask the waiter is there free wifi but its no good, he does not understand, when I ask for password instead he says "my password is BMW" I give that ago on the wifi link but the password is not long enough.. I say "Its ok, no problem, I will do it later at Hotel" the waiter disappears, then a few minutes after he comes back to my table with an iphone (Its his, and he says I can use his) "No its ok thanks anyway" I reply, what a kind gent. After my nice Curry and several Beers its back to the hotel, I spend around 1 hour uploading things while there's a free wifi, then its off to bed :-)

Total miles = 124 miles.

Average speed = 14.1 mph.

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