Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Cycling from Huddersfield to Gibraltar Day 7.

Another sunny morning leaving Saintes, heading out of here was pretty easy, although it was uphill out of the centre. I was heading for Bordeaux. Nothing much to see on the way to Bordeaux other than a Large bottle of Red, and a very large Chair on a roundabout.
I was looking for a McDs to get some free wifi, and just on the outskirts of Bordeaux Bingo! I found one :-) Time for some Chicken Nuggets, a Coffee and a Doughnut, also a chance to say hello to my wife and daughter via Video clip :-)
After leaving McDs I was heading out on the wrong road !! I soon realised and changed course.. funnily enough I came back past McDs again to get back on the correct road. I'm now headed to the centre of Bordeaux, there are a few bridges to cross with nice views of the rivers. Before I know it I'm making my way through Bordeaux its very nice and lots going on as I cycle past at a leisurely pace.. I'm seeing lots of people out and about, lots just sitting around enjoying the afternoon sun, others busy on their ways..
I go down some side streets and go past several doorways of houses where I see lots of people in their doorways sat on their steps smoking out of a Hookah ! lol
I'm heading out of Bordeaux on the D651, it took me right into a National park (Very nice and remote) I'm cycling towards the town of Sore where I plan on stopping tonight. There were some fantastic Buildings coming into the National park (Chateau's) the roads are like little country lanes for miles after miles.. eventually I reach a shop/petrol station and I need to buy some supplies just in case I decide to camp out, although I don't think I should have been allowed to camp in the wild! Oops!!
After cycling for a few hours its just the same scenery Tall wooded tree lands with little roads linking remote villages. The sun is soon to set and I have to make a decision, Will I or won't I camp out? Well I have decided and I'm headed off the road and about 100 yards into the woods off the road. A few cars go past while I'm putting my tent up but I don't think any of them have seen me ! Although a car went past the road very slow, did a U turn, then went back same direction it came from ( I was thinking have they seen me - maybe they will come back when its dark to rob me!!) Do I go ? or do I stay ?
I stay ha ha.. sod it! The sun looks really nice setting in between lots of trees, and soon the sun sets and the camping takes on a totally new dimension! As soon as its dark - The noises start I can hear a Dog in the distance... it must be a farm around half a mile away as the sound of the barking seems the same distance away each time of the barks... Then there are Owl noises (That's OK :-) then the Dog again (That's OK ;-) also branch's breaking most of night here and there (Not a problem after a while got used to it) Until I hear a bark/scream type howl ?? Whats that I'm thinking.. Its not a Dog for sure! Is it a Wild Boar ? The guy at previous Hotel warned me of those (Nasty pieces of work those I can remember his words!) Oh dear I'm thinking.. my main concern was that every time I hear this noise, is it getting closer ? Luckily most of the night it seemed to stay a distance away, even after me emptying my bladder a few times ;-(
As you can imagine this was going to be a sleepless night....
Total miles = 117 miles.
Average speed = 13.4 mph.

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