Thursday, 3 October 2013

Wasdale Triathlon Sept 13.

Just thought I would update on what has been happening on the run up to Wasdale and after the event.

When I originally entered the Wasdale event I was really excited at going in for a Half Ironman that looked harder than the Bolton full Ironman event of 2011, especially the amount of climbing on the bike and run sections

Let the training begin !!  It was April and Salford watersports centre had opened for the open water season, so one thursday evening after work I was there..  after around 200om of breast stroke I felt ok. I was now on track to get faster with time.. or so I thought!

After that particular swimming session that was it until the day of the Wasdale tri Whoops!  I had good intentions of carrying on with my swimming but with 2 months to go until the triathlon I thought sod it I will just see if I can do this without any swimming practice.. which then leads onto the running..

In between signing up for this I had a few jogs around near where I live, and one day at work I decided to leave my car overnight and run home, that particular day I was 20ish miles from home. This was the biggest run up to the triathlon, by the time I had got back home that night it was around 11pm and my legs were Shot at !!  I ran a cold bath when I eventually crawled in at home lol

On the cycling side of things it was not too bad, I had done a few cycles on my day off up to Holme Moss and back, also did a recce of the Manchester 100 miler with my bro, this was a practice run for the up coming JoiningJack charity cycle @alljoiningjack

So all in all that was my training for the Wasdale Half Ironman. So not really ideal but my mind was still focused on completing it.. My previous blog post covered my diet on the run up to the Triathlon and past the triathlon (This is my normal eating and drinking habits - I know..... I should really cut back on some things, I'm trying lol)

Its the Saturday before race day and I'm driving up to Wasdale Head,   the weather is fantastic. Very sunny with clear skies..  I'm buzzing ! I arrive there about 3pm and plenty of people are out and about in the car park close to the Inn. I try to get organised with the things I require first thing in morning, plenty of smiling people around. I get booked into the @WasdaleHeadInn  its very nice and staff very good.

I check myself in for the triathlon and get my numbers etc.. Met some of the crew who were great very welcoming. I had something to eat and some pints of local ale then I was off to get some sleep.

Bleep Bleep !!  Its 4.30am..  Blimey that sleep was quick, I'm up packed and out..  As I came out of the Hotel I looked up into the night sky and it was brilliant ! The stars were out in there millions, what a great sight to see so early in the morning. I get in car down to start area. Bike and bags out and in place and everyone is getting into wetsuits and chatting about the race.. Some people saying I'm metal when they ask how training has gone for me and I reply with my training for the year ! :-)

Its 7am and were off.. My thought was everyone will now be flying off doing front crawl and I will be left at back doing my leisurely breast stroke and I was right. I think I had the best swimming view though as my head was constantly above the water taking in the views of Scafell,  Yewbarrow and Great gable Perfect!

Out of the swim and my legs are very wobbly ! I am not last out amazingly, there was one guy left so that made me happier..  I stagger over towards the T1 and try to get into my cycling shorts, socks etc..  each time I lift my leg up to put my socks on,   my legs cramp up ! Ouch ! 

I'm on the bike now and feeling well  ermm,   well not too bad !  After about 5 mins into the bike my left thigh cramps up !  lol Oh deary me...  not going well at all. But I carry on through the cramp and try to put my legs in different positions and eventually it wears off a bit.  The cycle is going ok until the 33% climbs then its off it,  and pushing it up Hardknott pass (Its feckin steep!)

I can remember as I reached my first summit (Hardknott pass) the race leader was ending the bike ride part ! Amazing that...  When I eventually got back to this part after another 2 peaks I can recall - how many miles more have I got to do and could I really finish it before 2pm cut off time ? I had a rush from somewhere and got it into my head that I could possibly do it, so I hammered it from there on in, but with 15mins to the cut off at 2pm I still had 6 miles to go ! this proved to be too much for my tired legs and resigned myself to just rolling back to T2 I reached the checkpoint 22 mins after close.

My triathlon was over, and to be honest even if I had got back on time I don't think my legs could have taken the summits of Scafell Pike and Scafell.. I stayed around for a short while to clap/cheer some of the amazing guys that were now finishing the run too, Brilliant times for the full race.

So that was it...  beaten  until next year.   Yep!    I have already registered :-)    I'm in again, but one thing I have learned is that this kind of course demands you to do at least some more training!

So that's my plan... Learn to Front crawl and do more cycling and running.. oh and try to eat a little more healthy and drink less Smiths :-(

Thanks for reading and following...

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