Sunday, 15 September 2013

My general Diet !

A few people have asked if I stick to a  "Strict diet"  for my adventures !

So I have decided to put on here a daily list of food and drink that I regularly consume over a weekly period.

This list could be Any week of the year !!  it really stays similar,  even before/after adventures/trips..

1 x Bowl of Coco pops.
2 x Bacon butties with Brown sauce.
1 x Large family bar of Fruit and Nut.
1 x Chicken Balti with Chips.
1 x Sweet and Sour Chicken cantonese style with chips and curry sauce.
8 x Coffees.
2 x Bags Monster munch.
6 x Pints John Smiths.

1 x Bacon on Toast (2 Bacon).
1 x Beans on Toast.
1 x Pudding, Chips, Peas with gravy.
1 x Quarter pound meal with Cheese (McDs).
1 x Bottle water (small).
Half bottle of Red Wine.
1 x Jacket potato with beans.
7 x Pints John Smiths.
6 x Coffees.

1 x bowl of coco pops.
1 x Sausage/egg muffin meal (McDs).
1 x Pudding, chips, peas and gravy.
1 x Large bar Fruit and Nut chocolate.
3 x Bags deep ridge crisps.
4 x Pints John Smiths.
1 x Bottle of Red Wine.
1 x pack extra strong mints
1 x Large bowl Pasta in tomato sauce.
2 x Bottles of water (small).
6 x Coffees.

1 x Beans on toast.
1 x Bacon on toast (2 bacon).
1 x Bag Galaxy counters.
1 x Chicken Balti and rice.
1 x Jam sponge with custard.
7 x Coffees.
1 x smoothy (small bottle).
1 x Rump steak chips and onion rings.
4 x Pints Carling lager.

1 x bowl coco pops.
2 x Bacon.
1 x Sausage.
1 x Fried Egg.
1 x Fried Bread.
1 x Mushrooms.
1 x Tomatoes.
6 x coffees.
Half bottle of Red Wine.
1 x Tin Mackerel in tom sauce.
2 x toasts with butter.
1 x pack extra strong mints.
4 x bags Space raider crisps.
1 x Pork Ribs in BBQ sauce with chips.

1 x Bacon on toast (2 bacon).
1 x Beans on toast.
1 x bottle water (small).
1 x Large Galaxy chocolate bar.
1 x Bag jelly beans.
1 x Lasagne with chips.
1 x Chicken Bhuna.
1 x Nan bread.
1 x Rice.
7 x Coffees.
16 x Pints John Smiths.
1 x bottle water (small).

1 x Fried egg.
3 x bacon.
1 x tomato.
1 x Beans.
1 x Fried bread.
2 x Sausages.
1 x Glass fresh orange.
1 x Bar Galaxy chocolate.
1 x Large Sunday roast Beef dinner with york pudds.
1 x Large bowl of Ice Cream .
2 x Bottles Red wine.
6 x Coffees.

How does this diet compare to yours ??        Let me know.

Thanks for reading and following.

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