Monday, 1 October 2012

Huddersfield to Istanbul Day 9.

Sunday 27 May. Day 9.
Alessandria to Modena 145 miles.

As usual it's the same routine, up around 6.30am then down for breakfast at 7am. Stock up on food a lot today as I do need to bang some miles in now, especially the roads seem to be very flat which should help me knock up the milage.

Before I leave the town I need to find a cash machine, as my card that had my budget on has all been used up whoops! After trying at one hole in the wall its not playing and states connection not made and spits my card back out - not a great start, I will just have to try a other cash machines along the route for today.

Looking at the map I reckon it would be great to hit Modena by this evening... looks a good distance for today.   I'm heading east now towards Piacenza, its nice and sunny again and the roads are superb, and I've just got my head down listening to my tunes.

Last night on my daily call back home to my wife and daughter, my wife told me that my 6yr old daughter had written a letter to me asking for me to come home safe and that she misses me (This was fantastic and I was really touched by that,  so today I recorded a video message to send to Facebook so she would see that I had received her letter - she sent it the previous night by way of a lantern that was let off from our house).

Just after midday it was time for stop at Lidl for food and drink stop. Once topped up I'm back off and making fantastic mile up to now, I'm definitely on plan to reach destination. Around late afternoon I just stop for a little break and see a nice motorbike, I put my bike down and take a pic. Its by a furniture outlet and in the entrance is a drinks machine - I just feel like a coffee so I buy one and it did taste nice even if it was out of a machine. 

Its now about 7pm and I'm coming into Modena, its a fantastic looking place lots of old buildings and lots of restaurants I spend sometime just cycling around the centre checking the place out. Its also time to try and find somewhere to stay, I end up just outside the main centre and book in for the night, I have to leave my bike outside tonight at the back entrance to the hotel, there are other bikes in the rack at the time I place mine in, I then remove my panniers etc and make my way up to my room, after shower and change I'm off down to reception asking for wifi code so i can update twitter and facebook - the nightly updates :-)

He replies with - you pay for wifi,  it was a little expensive for internet so I passed on that one and headed out into the centre to look for somewhere to eat. The place had quieted down a little since when I first cycled into the place. I see a restaurant with tables and chairs outside, I pick my table and now waiting to place my order the waiter comes over and I point out my order (I can't speak Italian neither!) and I order the wine, can't forget the rocket fuel .

After my meal and drink I head bak towards the hotel, lots of people have gone by now and only few people about the place. I get back and the same guy is on reception, hello I say and ask how much is wifi for 1hr ? I asked because If I update now it will probably be enough to update status on social media.

I'm very pleased that I managed a high milage day today,  and go to bed very happy/motivated and looking forward to another day of high milage tomorrow if roads are as flat as they were today.

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