Saturday, 31 March 2012

Just thought I needed to update you on what's going on lately regarding the run up to my May 19th Charity Cycle ride to Istanbul.

Well the last couple of months have been very busy at work & at home. Since my last week off on the 20th Feb 2012. There has been nil training and the diet has been Well!
as usual "Not very good" which is standard for me.

The biggest difference between this cycle and the Gib cycle is that Mrs F did not work nights on the run up to the Gib cycle, and in addition every Thursday after work I would pop the the Gym on the way home if I had been working in Manchester area that day. Also I did have a few chances to get out on a odd Sunday (All day sometimes).

This all sounds Bad ! but don't worry I will still be going for it although I'm not in the best shape (It does make my challenge harder for sure).. especially adding another 400miles onto the cycle and going via the Alps with only an extra day to complete..

On the work front its full speed ahead at the moment and as I get home from work Mrs F is setting off for work, and similar in mornings me off to work then Mrs F getting home (passing ships lol)

My father in-law has come up with a solution he knows a guy who can get me a static cycle to train on at nights after work - So after my tea and bath I can leisurely pedal away while watching Benidorm then haha.. (Its a start although a bit late possibly!)

So there you go - Its how it is at present... But It's only around a month and half to departure, I have not pre-booked any places to stop, also no ferries booked... just the return flight from Istanbul when I complete the cycle (See those words - "When I") confident or what ? Fingers crossed I do...

At present I still need to get panniers, upgrade my phone and start to work out what I'm carrying in my panniers. I've not really planned my route as such, thats just going to be done each day depending on how I'm feeling each day.

Don't forget to spread the word via
or text TNSY47 plus amount to 70070

Thank you all, and keep following it will be worth it :-)

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